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"I'll Pay The Shipping Cost"

Ronnie Bell

May 1, 2020:


Buy Ronnie Bell's new 365 album at R.E.E.L. Entertainment.

The RONNIE BELL 365 Track List:

Cotton Candy

Can I Get Some

Go Get A Room

Love Ingredients (Frost Song) feat. Teddy P.

I'll Pay The Shipping Cost

Confessing My Love Pains

Love U Better

Good Woman

Home With Me Tonight

Pretty Lady

Thinkin' 'Bout

Make It Right

Boujie Booty

Daddy B. Nice notes:

When Ronnie Bell first charted on SouthernSoulRnB in January 2018, Daddy B. Nice wrote:

New artist Ronnie Bell struck a chord with his women’s-power-enhancing “I’ll Pay The Shipping Cost,” a sensation in the Mobile/Pensacola area, where it's topped radio charts for months. 100K YouTube views and growing.

Listen to Ronnie Bell singing "I'll Pay The Shipping Cost" on YouTube.

Two years later, "I'll Pay The Shipping Cost" has 15 million YouTube views, and the immensely popular anthem has made Bell a southern soul headliner, touring the chitlin' circuit with the likes of Big Pokey Bear, Tucka and Sir Charles Jones.

Bell's much-anticipated southern soul debut, Ronnie Bell 365, contains "Shipping Cost" and "Cotton Candy," Bell's first southern soul single, plus eleven new songs, only one of which, "Love Ingredients," has received much prior exposure. "Love Ingredients" is subtitled the "Frost Song," and in an interview with DJ Ragman of WMPR Jackson, Misssissippi this past month, Bell confided that he and Kim Frost Hill (hope I have that name right) worked together on "Shipping Cost". "The guy was a genius," Bell said. In the interview Ronnie also said he grew up in Louisiana but currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ronnie Bell brings a different set of talents to the southern soul scene. You won't hear much gospel in his vocals, and you won't necessarily experience the power of many other blues singers. Bell is grounded in popular music, especially early and classic rock and roll, and he coaxes and caresses his compositions to life with an unassuming and self-effacing set of pipes that has doomed many other excellent songwriters to off-stage production. It was this unexceptional vocal prowess that led your Daddy B Nice to dismiss "Cotton Candy," Bell's debut single. But "Shipping Cost" changed all that; its mixture of gentle (easy-does-it) vocal, voice-over, message and melody brought something novel to southern soul.

My bet is that "Go Get A Room," which combines the same seductive elements as "Shipping Cost," will be the next Ronnie Bell tune to blow up southern soul radio. The story line is captivating, the chorus rocks, and it even has a voice-over (to the guys, not the gals) that mimics the deal-sealing voice-over in "Shipping Cost". The last verse soars with a refrain that goes, "Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn/ Go get you a room/ So you can do it again..." And "Go get a room/ So you can check out at noon."

Listen to Ronnie Bell singing "Go Get A Room" on YouTube.

Watch for "Go Get A Room" to chart in a high position on Daddy B Nice's Top 10 "Breaking" Singles for June 2020.

Listen to all the tracks from RONNIE BELL 365 on YouTube.

Buy Ronnie Bell's new 365 album at R.E.E.L. Entertainment. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

Originally posted on Daddy B. Nice's Corner:

February 16, 2019:

News & Notes:

..... And I'd like to a give a shout-out to Ronnie Bell and Toia Jones for their resuscitations of the meme "Sleeping With The Enemy". In Toia's song (produced by Bigg Robb), the heroine is talking about her tryst with another man who turned out to be a spy for her spouse. In Ronnie Bell's deceptively modest song, "I'll Pay The Shipping Cost," awarded (Best Chitlin' Circuit/Blues Song of 2018), the "sleeping with the enemy" reference comes at the end of the long voice-over which concludes the record and contributed substantially to the tune's success. Ronnie gives nothing less than a motivational speech empowering women and ending with the admonition, "The bottom line, ladies, is you're sleeping with the enemy."

It just so happens my ties to "sleeping with the enemy" go back to the sixties. I was in college where a teacher named Nancy Price taught English and Humanities. Another teacher named Howard Thompson was in the same department, and they got married. Being a "child prodigy," I naturally hung out with a lot of faculty, and when I became a graduate student the faculty gossip was often centered upon Howard Thompson, who reportedly drank a lot and became a "mean" drunk, taking it out on his wife. I soon left the groves of academe for the greater world, but a few years later a book was published by Nancy Price Thompson, and I was stunned by not only the fact she'd published a book about her experiences but by the head-turning title, "Sleeping With The Enemy". Years passed, and at last a movie was made with Julia Roberts in the title role. "Sleeping With The Enemy" became a huge cinematic hit, especially with women, and decades later, here it is, rearing up once again, in southern soul music. A huge hit with women.

--Daddy B Nice - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

February 1, 2019: Originally posted on Daddy B. Nice's Best Of 2018 page.

Daddy B. Nice Announces THE WINNERS of the 2018 (12th Annual) SOUTHERN SOUL MUSIC AWARDS.

Best Chitlin' Circuit Blues Song


"Still Called The Blues"----Donnie Ray
"Down In The Club"----King Fred
"To All The Good Men"----Katrenia Jefferson
"I'll Do Me A Big Girl"----David Brinston (w/ Lucky Love)
"Alabama Folks"----Rena Ree
"Still Called The Blues"----Donnie Ray
"I Need A Fix It Man"----Pat Cooley
"Wrong Man"----Highway Heavy, Fya Redd
"Sneak, Creep And Freak"----Sebastian Gowdy
"Blues Heaven"----Jaye Hammer
"Parking Lot Love Affair"----O.B. Buchana
"I'll Pay The Shipping Cost"----Ronnie Bell

Best Chitlin' Circuit Blues Song: "I'll Pay The Shipping Cost" by Ronnie Bell

Listen to Ronnie Bell singing "I'll Pay The Shipping Cost" on YouTube. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

To automatically link to Ronnie Bell's charted radio singles, awards, CD's and other citations on the website, go to "Bell, Ronnie" in Daddy B. Nice's Comprehensive Index.

--Daddy B. Nice

About Ronnie Bell

Ronnie Bell Discography:

Ronnie Bell EP 2010
In My Feelings Mixtape 2014
Bad By Myself EP 2016
Ronnie Bell 365 2020

January 12, 2019: Daddy B. Nice's Original Critique

It seems as if I should apologize for finally getting to this new artist. He hasn't even an album to his credit, so apologies would seem unnecessary. However, Ronnie Bell is an exception to the rule, and along the Gulf Coast--and in particular, within the listening range of land radio station WDLT in Mobile, Alabama, which has been playing his single "I'll Pay The Shipping Cost" daily for two years running now, and often upon request--the name Ronnie Bell is as familiar as...well, fellow Alabaman Sir Charles Jones.

"I'll Pay The Shipping Cost," with its message to women to leave men who are only burdening them, has become the #MeToo anthem for southern-soul/chitlin' circuit women, and its YouTube postings, along with fellow single "Cotton Candy," are in the millions.

A former hiphopper, Ronnie Bell has been exceedingly careful and methodical in his budding southern soul career, releasing only these two singles in a 2-3-year period. But what an impact. Not only has he gained an extensive following primarily among women. His exposure is such that he landed a coveted spot on two of the Blues Is Alright tour venues coming up this spring of 2019 (see concert calendar).

Listen to Ronnie Bell singing "I'll Pay The Shipping Cost" on YouTube.

Listen to Ronnie Bell singing "Cotton Candy" on YouTube.

Browse Ronnie Bell's music in Daddy B. Nice's CD's/MP3's Store. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

Honorary "B" Side

"Cotton Candy"

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Sample or Buy I'll Pay The Shipping Cost by Ronnie Bell
I'll Pay The Shipping Cost

CD: I'll Pay The Shipping Cost (The Single)
Label: Reel Entertainment Group

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I'll Pay The Shipping Cost (The Single)

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Cotton Candy

CD: Cotton Candy (The Single)
Label: Worldbeat Entertainment Group

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Cotton Candy (The Single)

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