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Southern Soul's Songwriters - From Daddy B. Nice's Guide to Carl Sims

The best composers in American popular music today are working in the field of Southern Soul.

Homer Banks, Frederick Knight, Lester Snell, Jimmy Lewis, John Ward, Raymond Moore, Charles Richard Cason, R. Kelly, Aaron Weddington, Sir Charles Jones, Sidney Bailey, George Jackson, Mel Waiters, Paul Richmond, Vick Allen... The list goes on and on.

The recognition and respect chitlin' circuit R&B accords masterful storytelling is a huge part of what makes it so appealing, and a huge part of why it satisfies the hunger of so many audiophiles for something more substantial than the minimalist grooves of rap and hiphop.

Jazz and blues, the two great historical art forms of the black community, have also turned their backs on the art of songwriting, the power of narrative, and the human voice. That's why Southern Soul fills such a huge vacuum for today's music lovers. Not only does the music recall the days when rhythm, melody and lyrics were inseparable partners. It tantalizes the imagination with real-life, physical details sung by skilled yet down-to-earth vocalists.

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