Daddy B. Nice's - Guide to Today's Top Chitlin' Circuit Rhythm and Blues Artists

Daddy B. Nice's New Top 100 Songs!

Daddy B. Nice's Top 100 Southern Soul Songs

Rank Song B-Side Artist
1 "Soul Heaven" "Big Head Hundreds" Johnnie Taylor (Blast From The Past)
2 "Sho' Wasn't Me" "Live In Man" Ronnie Lovejoy
3 "Bill" "I'm Willing To Be A Friend" Peggy Scott-Adams: Departed 2023
4 "Leavin' (On The First Train Smokin')" "Turn Back The Hands Of Time" Tyrone Davis
5 "Do You Qualify?" "Hoochie Mama" Marvin Sease
6 "Boom Boom Boom" "Wiggle" Willie Clayton
7 "Hole In The Wall" "Whiskey And Blues" Mel Waiters
8 "What Do You Do When You Love Somebody" "Guitar Man" Little Milton
9 "Bare Mouth Woman" "Crazy 'Bout You" Bobby Rush
10 "Stand Up In It" "Please Let Me In" Theodis Ealey At Sunset
11 "Sleep With One Eye Open" "Poon Tang Man" Shirley Brown
12 "Friday" "Better Call Jody" Sir Charles Jones
13 "Somebody's After My Freak" "Somebody Blew The Whistle On Me" Lee "Shot" Williams
14 "Slow Roll It" "You Said It, No I Didn't (Lies) " The Love Doctor: Departed 2023
15 "Mississippi Woman" "The Thrill Is On Again" Denise LaSalle
16 "I Can't Afford To Be Broke" "Your Man Is Home Tonight" Artie "Blues Boy" White (Retrospective)
17 "Try Me" "You Ring My Bell" T. K. Soul
18 "Party ('Till The Lights Go Out)" "Kick It" David Brinston
19 "Let's Cut Out This Game" "That's Still My Love" Wilson Meadows (New Album Alert!)
20 "Footprints On The Ceiling" "You're A Liar" Barbara Carr
21 "I Found Love (On A Lonely Highway)" "Somebody Is Gonna Lose A Good... w/ William Bell " Jeff Floyd
22 "Slow Roll It" "Lipstick On His Pants" Sheba Potts-Wright
23 "Seventeen Days Of Loving" "Mr. Nobody Is Somebody Now" Carl Sims
24 "I'll Put My Life On The Line (Tell Me Where To Be)" "Trying To Live My Life (Without You)" Lee Fields
25 "Rock Me (Until I Cannot Stand This Rocking Any...)" "Anybody Seen My Boo" Stan Mosley (New 4-Star CD Review!)
26 "I'm Going To Be A Man About It" "Dance Party" Quinn Golden
27 "Poonanny Be Still" "That Baby Ain't Black Enough" Poonanny
28 "Money Can't Buy Me Love" "The Way We Roll" Jackie Neal
29 "Scat Cat, Here Kitty Kitty" "I'm Searching" Billy "Soul" Bonds: Departed 2023
30 "Let's Get Drunk" "Back Up Lover" O. B. Buchana
31 "She's In A Midnight Mood In The Middle Of The Day" "You've Got A Booger Bear Under There" Ollie Nightingale (Blast From The Past!)
32 "Taxi" "I'm Just A Fool For You (w/ Lenny Williams)" J. Blackfoot
33 "Slow Roll It" "Living For The Weekend" Roy C. (Remembrance & Obituary)
34 "I Never Take A Day Off" "Your Dog's About To Kill My Cat" Ms. Jody
35 "I Had A Good Time" "Poor Boy " Eddie Holloway (Blast From The Past)
36 "I Get By" "Check To Check" Omar Cunningham
37 "Love Down" "If The Shoe Was On The Other Foot" Kenne Wayne
38 "Mississippi Boy " "Plumber Man" Charles Wilson
39 "Old School Style" "I Love Being In Love With You" Floyd Taylor
40 "Droppin' Salt" "Why Me?" Reggie P. (From The Archives)
41 "That Baby Ain't Black Enough" "Betty This And Betty That" Jimmy Lewis
42 "Love's On The Other Line" "Share You With Someone Else" Ernie Johnson (Retrospective, w/ J.T., Otis Clay)
43 "If I Back It Up" "You Gone Make Me Cheat" Nellie "Tiger" Travis
44 "(When I) Think Of My Baby" "Mr. Mailman" Jesse Graham (Retrospective)
45 "Good Lovin' Will Make U Cry (Remix)" "I Thought She Was At Home w/ Da Problem Solvas" Bigg Robb
46 "Time" "So In Love" Frank Mendenhall
47 "It's Bad You Know" "Bad Luck City" R. L. Burnside (Blast From The Past)
48 "I've Been Lonely For So Long" "Fly On The Wall" Keisa Brown
49 "Good Loving Will Make You Cry" "I Lived It All" Carl Marshall
50 "Southern Soul Music" "Just Ain't Working Out" Toni Green
51 "I Want You" "In The Room Next To The Room" Bill Coday
52 "Sweet, Black And Hot" "I Been Partying All Night" Billy Ray Charles
53 "When A Woman's Fed Up" "You Made Me Love You" R. Kelly
54 "What She Don't Know (Won't Hurt Her)" "Can't Stop Loving You" Obituary for Maurice Wynn (Gone But Not Forgotten)
55 "Understanding " "I Got A Woman Who Loves Me" Patrick Green
56 "If They Can Beat Me Rockin'" "Soul Music" Vick Allen
57 "Snap, Crackle And Pop" "Talk Dirty To Me" Sunny Ridell
58 "Freaky With You" "If You Wanna Get It (w' Mr. David)" Big Cynthia (In Memoriam)
59 "I Found Love" "Drop" Robert "The Duke" Tillman
60 "Obama (Tell Me Why You Like Obama)" "One-Eyed Woman" Chick Willis
61 "I'm Into Something " "School Of Life" Cicero Blake (On "Southern Soul" Music)
62 "She Only Wants To See Me On Friday" "Scared Of Getting Caught" Luther Lackey
63 "Can You Bagg It Up" "You Make Me Happy" Nathaniel Kimble
64 "A Letter To My Baby" "Letter To My Baby (Part Two)" Donnie Ray
65 "Honey Poo" "Between The Sheets" Rue Davis
66 "Rock That Man In The Boat" "Ex Love Next Love" Chuck Strong
67 "Tyrone" "Southern Girl w/ Rahzel" Erykah Badu
68 "This Is The Party" "Just Because He's Good To You" Rick Lawson
69 "Heart Of The City" "Positive ID" Tina Diamond
70 "Innocent Til Proven Guilty" "In The Mood For Love" Bobby Jonz (Obituary)
71 "Chuck Strut" "I Want You To Rock Me" Chuck Roberson
72 "My In-Laws (Ain't Nothin' But Outlaws)" "Just What The Doctor Ordered" Dr. "Feelgood" Potts
73 "Take Your Time" "Lonely Woman On The Loose" Lynn White (Retrospective)
74 "Let Me Go" "It's Okay" Steve Perry
75 "Baby Don't Go" "Already Gone" La Keisha (Best Ballad w/ Alonzo Reid!)
76 "Live In Woman" "Can I Touch You There" Pat Brown
77 "I Forgot To Be Your Lover" "You Don't Miss Your Water" William Bell (New Album Alert!)
78 "Man Enough" "It Ain't That Kind Of Party" Karen Wolfe
79 "Put It On Paper (w/ Al Green)" "I'll Be Your Everything" Ann Nesby
80 "Hard Times" "She Only Wants To See Me On Friday" Mister Zay
81 "She's Got The License (I've Got The Man)" "Lonesome Highway" An-jay
82 "Stacked In The Back" "Has It Come To This" Gregg A. Smith (21st Century)
83 "Guess What" "I Am Your Woman" Syleena Johnson
84 "Baby Come Home" "Oh Girl" Glenn Jones
85 "Come To Mama" "Good Loving" Vickie Baker (New Album Alert!)
86 "Put That Thang In Motion" "Hold On (If You Feel You've Got A Good Thing)" Sorrento Ussery
87 "Think About You" "Dance With My Father" Luther Vandross (Blast From The Past!)
88 "No Bootleg Baby" "Southern Soul Woman" Little Kim Stewart
89 "Anytime Man" "Two Women In Love With Your Husband" Terry Wright
90 "Teddy Bear" "Jook Joint" Big Ike
91 "I Hear You Knocking" "Big Hearted Woman" Queen Isabella
92 "Fat Woman (Ain't Gonna Bump No More)" "Fat Woman/Sax " James Payne
93 "Salt In My Wounds" "Miss Hy Ciddity" Shemekia Copeland
94 "Green Onions" "Behind Every Strong Man Is A Good Woman" Eric Perkins (Returns As EPX)
95 "One In The Morning" "Morning Train/ Peeping Thru The Window (Full Mix)" Hardway Connection (& Roy C)
96 "You're My Joy" "One More (Song) For The Lonely" Archie Love (& The Bar-Kays)
97 "Put That Woman First" "Could It Be" Jaheim
98 "Been Such A Long Time (w/ Karen Brown)" "Gotta Good Woman" X-Man Parker
99 "Five Minutes" "Mr. Booty Do Right" Jody Sticker
100 "Friend Of Mine (Remix)(w/ Ronald Isley & R. Kelly)" "You Should've Told Me" Kelly Price


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