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January 2, 2023:


An expanded list of the songs vying for "Top Ten Singles" in January 2023.

1. "Highway 55"---Sir Charles Jones
2. "The Mac"---West Love feat. King George
3. "Church Candy"---Jeter Jones
4. "I Ain't Leaving My Lady"---Jeter Jones
5. "Bayou Classy Lady"---Ciddy Boi P feat. Keyun & The Zydeco Masters
6. "Hallelujah And Amen"---Avail Hollywood
7. "Bet Yo Mama Like It"---Carlin Taylor
8. "Ol Skool Game"---Chris Ivy
9. "We Be Acting Up"---Jeter Jones
10. "Shot Of Moonshine"---Marcellus The Singer

11. "Dhat Juicy"---Tasha Mac feat. Jeter Jones
12. "Free"---Jeter Jones
13. "Lost My Mind"---Jay Morris Group (Official Video)
14. "Soul Taker"---F.P.J.
15. "Momma & Daddy"---Sir Charles Jones
16. "Moving At Your Speed"---J'Cenae feat. J-Wonn
17. "Trailride Certified 3"---Jeter Jones feat. Level
18. "Do It"---Memphis Jackson
20. "Miss Independent"---T.K. Soul & Willie Clayton

21. "Remain The Same"---O.B. Buchana
22. "Gone"---Jeter Jones
23. "Best Friend For Life"---LaMorris Williams
24. "Just Us 2"---Memphis Jackson
25. "Umma Make A Man"---Angel Faye Russell
26. "She Got That Good Good"---T.K. Soul
27. "Come Home"---Mr. Don't Leave (Eric Hunter)
28. "I Think You're Ready"---Dee Dee Simon
29. "Pinch Myself"---Nelson Curry
30. "Shake It Baby"---Stan Butler feat. West Love

31. "Your Love Is So Good"---Sharnette Hyter feat. Ciddy Boi P
32. "Can I"---Bruce J feat. Mizz Val
33. "Stranger In My Home"---Soul Blaque
34. "I'll Take Her"---Highway Heavy feat. Mark Holloway
35. "Mr. DJ Bounce Mix"---Chris Ivy
36. "Liquor Store"---Mz Sassy
37. "It's The Weekend"---Kayla The Love Note
38. "Trail Ride Anthem 23"---Sir Jonathan Burton
39. "Southern Soul Party"---Kreep Squad feat. Thrilla
40. "Donald Trump (Remix)"---Stan Butler feat. West Love

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December 22-31, 2022: Holiday Countdown

Top 25 Southern Soul Singles Of 2022

1. "Keep On Rollin'" by King George

2. "Can't Stay Too Long" by King George

3."Jukebox Lover" by Tucka/ "Jukebox Lover (Remix)" by Tucka feat. King George (Take your pick.)

4. "Can I Get It?" by Ciddy Boi P feat. Till 1 & Mississippi Hummin' Boy

5. "Mr. Willy" by C. Jones

"Country Girl"
by Jus Epik feat. Money Waters

7. "Here Come Pokey" by Pokey Bear

8. "Friday Night" by King George

9. "Don't Make Me Beg" by Willie Clayton

10."Come To The Trailride" by Jeter Jones

11. "My Corner Sto" by Ciddy Boi P feat. Mz. Connie

12. "Leave And Party" by King George

13. "Country Boy (Remix)" by Chu'Zu & Vince Tucker feat. Jeter Jones

14. "Mr. Right Now" by J-Wonn

15. "Keep It 100" by Carlin Taylor feat. Soul Cartel Band

16. "Let Me Take You There" by Stephanie McDee

17. "This Time It Was Me" by Arthur Young

18. "Don't Go" by Volton Wright

19. "Bad Bitch" by LaMorris Williams

20. "Step Into My Room" by Lil' CJ

21. "I Swear (Remix)" by Mr. Don't Leave (Eric Hunter) feat. Johnny James

22. "She Could Never Be Me" by K. Renaa

23. "All For You" by Crystal Thomas feat. Crystyle

24. "Magic Woman" by Binky Womack

25. "Ms. Fine Thang" by Mr. Hollywood (Calvin Jenkins)

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December 16, 2022: Pictured (William Bell, an early Stax artist)

Daddy B. Nice's News & Notes

White Tennessee farm boy and fiddle player Jim Stewart, who founded Stax Records with his sister (who mortgaged her house to obtain the new label's financing), died December 5th at the age of 92. In an ironic twist of fate Stewart, a black music-loving white man befriended by Rufus Thomas, the patriarch of Memphis soul, and his daughter Carla, was ultimately responsible for birthing what is generally regarded the "blackest"-sounding soul music in America, the legendary Stax Records. To wit, the "st" and "tx" in Stax were a combination of the two initials taken from Stewart and his sister's names. Stewart's death came after most of the performers he collaborated with had passed. Rufus Thomas himself died at 84, a relatively lofty age for a performer. Read the engrossing obituary by Bob Mehr at "The Memphis Commercial Appeal"......

Wendell B has been "on the mend". Here's hoping he'll make it to the New Year's Eve gig at the Coliseum in Jackson Mississippi with Adrian Bagher, L.J. Echols, Arthur Young, Big Yayo and Calvin Richardson. See the Concert Calendar.......

Jus Epic's effervescent "Country Girl," featuring Money Waters (I love that twist on Muddy Waters) has a great new official video on YouTube. "Texas, Looo-siana, Mississippi, 'Bama," goes the rousing second verse. "Let me see you get down. Represent right now..." See the video.

Watch for Bobby Rush's new twist on his 1995 single "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show." Sound familiar? Well, of course. It's a big line in King George's blockbuster single "Keep On Rollin'". And guess who Bobby Rush is tweaking it for? King George, of course. DJ Handyman played an exclusive preview on WMPR (Jackson, Mississippi) on December 1st....

Lee Field's new album "Sentimental Fool" (his twenty-third!) is profiled by Heikki Suosalo in November's Soul Express, including insights from Fields himself. Read the review. Moreover, a "trailer" at the end of the piece announces a new documentary---Lee Fields--Faithful Man---playing at select theaters in the U.K. and U.S. "I’ve been married to the same woman for 53 years, but we had our trials and tribulations," Fields says, "so it’s just letting the world know what we’ve been through...There’s a lot of sadness in it, and a lot of happiness in it.” Also read about Field's out-of-print masterpiece, "I'll Put My Life On The Line (Tell Me Where To Be)" in Daddy B. Nice's Artist Guide......

Sir Charles Jones and Jeter Jones (the Jones Boys, though not related) aren't about to let 2022 end without publishing an album each (for Jeter, his second of the year). Jeter's new one is called Sugar Hill Highway 84.

Sir Charles' latest, My Life's Testimony, is being marketed as "Christian" music (as in gospel). The most dramatic line from the set ("I put the gun to my head/On Highway 55") is also from a highway---I-55 (north/south)---known to southern soul musicians as their most travelled thoroughfare.....

Ever wonder how many southern soul songs Omar Cunningham has written? Your Daddy B. Nice is on it. Cunningham's career is a classic case of choosing the path less taken. Typically, a legitimate southern soul songwriter yearns to take it to the stage. (Think of Chris Mabrey becoming Big Yayo.) Omar took the opposite path. Originally a performer, he's gradually become more celebrated for writing hit songs for other artists than for his solo career, and if there's a more prolific and influential composer in his generation (excluding difficult comparisons to the top solo singer/songwriters), I don't know who it'd be. Read Omar Cunningham (Songwriter Supreme).

Merry Christmas to all!

---Daddy B. Nice

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...Continued....Monthly Singles Charts from right-hand column....


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 Souther Soul Singles

Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles For. . .

-------JANUARY 2023-------

1. "Highway 55" ----- Sir Charles Jones

"I put the gun to my head/ On Highway 55"... Who has the courage, character and musical palette to even deal with turning this kind of painful personal drama into art? Only Sir Charles. How about, for instance, the quick, apt, soap-opera-like trill of the organ following "Somebody's trying to poison me"? Highway 55, of course, is I-55, the main north/south artery through the Mississippi Delta. From the King of Southern Soul's new quasi-gospel album, My Life's Testimony.

Listen to Sir Charles Jones singing "Highway 55" on YouTube.

2. "The Mac" ----- West Love feat. King George

This feisty little lady just keeps exceeding expectations in her quest to become the #1 diva in southern soul. The title "The Mac" is puzzling. Of course, one thinks of "Return of the Mack". The chorus is unusually sophisticated (jazzy)---mixed, filtered, enhanced---with a touch of the superb Dinah Washington in West Love's vocal, but the verses are reassuringly down-to-earth---some of the best southern soul vocalizing in memory. Even the great King George's vocal gets the musical version of a "perm". Irresistible.

Listen to West Love & King George singing "The Mac" on YouTube.

3. "Church Candy"-----Jeter Jones

"Church Candy" begins unassumingly, but it's perfect in its simplicity. A church-style organ gives the instrumental track a refreshingly original identity, and the story told in its lyrics is not only a charming vignette but a triumph of compression.

Listen to Jeter Jones singing "Church Candy" on YouTube.

4. "I Ain't Leaving My Lady" ----- Jeter Jones

Jeter Jones' bountiful, new double-album Sugar Hill Highway 84, of which "Church Candy" and "I Ain't Leaving My Lady" are part, delves into the nasty subject of divorce in the powerful songs "Free" and "Gone," but the melodic and hauntingly evocative "I Ain't Leaving My Lady" provides an uplifting counterpoint.

Listen to Jeter Jones singing "I Ain't Leaving My Lady" on YouTube.

5. "Bayou Classy Lady" ----- Ciddy Boi P feat. Keyun & The Zydeco Masters

Here's the best southern soul/zydeco hybrid to come out lately. It's my man Ciddy Boi P ("Can I Get It?," "My Corner Sto") once again working his feel-good magic.

Listen to Ciddy Boi P & Keyun & The Zydeco Masters singing "Bayou Classy Lady".

6. "Hallelujah & Amen" ----- Avail Hollywood

No one in current southern soul is vocalizing better than Avail Hollywood. He's a joy to listen to, and he's got a great vehicle in "Hallelujah & Amen".

Listen to Avail Hollywood singing "Hallelujah & Amen" on YouTube.

7. "Bet Yo Mama Like It" ----- Carlin Taylor

The instrumental track rocks. Another snappy hit from the performer who brought you the Top-25 Best of 2022 single "Keep It 100".

Listen to Carlin Taylor singing "Bet Yo Mama Like It" on YouTube.

8. "Ol Skool Game" ----- Chris Ivy

It's Mr. Ivy of "Turn Road" fame, sporting a fine melody composed by Omar Cunningham.

Listen to Chris Ivy singing "Ol Skool Game" on YouTube.

9. "We Be Acting Up" ----- Jeter Jones

Despite (or maybe because of) its minimalist, piano-pounding arrangement, this tune burns with the intensity of Jeter's scorching blues vocal.

Listen to Jeter Jones singing "We Be Acting Up" on YouTube.

10. "Shot Of Moonshine" ----- Marcellus The Singer

"Toxic Love" has accrued three million views on its various You
Tube pages, and Marcellus will only add to that audience with this mature outing, which proves he's got this balladeering thing down.

Listen to Marcellus The Singer singing "Shot Of Moonshine" on YouTube. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles For. . .

-------DECEMBER 2022-------

1. "Can I Get It?-----Ciddy Boi P feat. Till 1 & Missis-
sippi Hummin' Boy

What a party-starter! It's raw, "grown," melodic and machined to groove. Ciddy Boi has a make-it-happen, follow-the-Pied-Piper voice, and the three-part verse trade-off among Ciddy Boy, Hummin' Boy and Till 1 blesses the song with endomorphin-releasing contrasts. For more on the prolific singer/songwriter/producer, read Daddy B. Nice's Ciddy Boi P: New Arrival/Make Way!

Listen to Ciddy Boi P, Till 1 & Mississippi Hummin' Boy singing "Can I Get It? on YouTube.

2. "Let Me Take You There"-----Stephanie McDee

One of Stephanie McDee's most uncompromising vocals ever. Set against a brilliant, undulating, acoustic instrumental track by (who woulda thought?) Unkle Phunk! To hear "Stef" barking out party-starter euphemisms like a dominatrix cracking a leather whip while the gorgeous guitar-picking weaves in and out like bands of silk rippling in the wind is at the least original and at best (my opinion) a little miracle sent down from southern soul heaven.

Listen to Stephanie McDee singing "Let Me Take You There" on YouTube.

3. "Whoop Dat Preacher"------Stan Butler

Stan Butler's preacher is worse than Mr. Jody! His rustic sound recalls Nathaniel Kimble ("Can You Back It Up") and Steve Perry ("Booty Roll"). And although the preacher gets the best of him, Butler's blithe delivery lifts spirits and breaks out smiles. Stan Butler is celebrated this month with a new, long-overdue artist guide in Daddy B. Nice's chart-in-progress, The New Generation Southern Soul.

P.S. Strange but true. Although they arrive at vastly different musical destinations, the rhythm track to Stan Butler's "Whoop Dat Preacher" is identical to the rhythm track of T.J. Hooker Taylor's "Count On Me"(#9 February 22)

Listen to Stan Butler singing "Whoop Dat Preacher" on YouTube.

4. "I Love It Here"-------Jay Morris Group

As markedly different as the preceding three songs are, this new Jay Morris Group ballad makes yet another stylistic statement. The production is more impressive on this record than most of their new album---a fuller sound (with all the trimmings) rendered all the more dramatic because of the close-to-acapella simplicity of the individual verses, taken in turn by Jay, Zee and K-Monique, Daddy B. Nice's Best Female Vocalist of 2021. You'll be hummin' it.

Read Daddy B. Nice's New Album Alert!

Listen to the Jay Morris Group singing "I Love It Here" on YouTube.

5. "Let's Play"------Karen Wolfe

This smokes, Karen. There are two versions, one explicit ("You walk around like your shit don't stink"...). Like Karen, who titles it the "Karen Wolfe version," I love it "bad". Call me grown, but "That Bitch Ain't Me" is just more real than "That Chick Ain't Me". Too many people censor themselves into irrelevance. Not the storied, past generation of divas (Brown, Carr, Scott-Adams, LaSalle). And not Karen.

Listen to Karen Wolfe singing "Let's Play" on YouTube.

6. "If My Girl Can't Come"------LaMorris Williams

The response to this unobtrusive little tune may surprise LaMorris. Women can relate, and it's a common---some would say universal---situation.

Listen to LaMorris Williams singing "If My Girl Can't Come" on YouTube.

7. "Ooh Aah"------Rosalyn Candy

Now this is the kind of song a man wants to listen to. Yes, sir.

Listen to Rosalyn Candy singing "Ooh Aah" on YouTube.

8. "Hot Grits"------Mz. Pat feat. Ciddy Boi P

Great tune. Scolding but lovable narrator (Mz Pat). There's an interval in the chorus when the background voices slip into what could almost be called a prolonged moan, like wind through the trees, or a long sigh. Nice effect.

Listen to Mz. Pat feat. Ciddy Boi P singing "Hot Grits" on YouTube.

9. "Don't Play With It"--------Breeze MrDo2Much feat. Jeter Jones

Breeze is the guy who did that stunning cover of Sir Charles Jones awhile back. He can really sing, even coaxing one of Jeter Jones' finest guest vocals on this southern soul stepper.

Listen to Breeze MrDo2Much & Jeter Jones singing "Don't Play With It" on YouTube.

10. "Good Woman"-----Miss Lady Blues

Miss Lady Blues has a little trouble reaching a high note midway through, then---like a lady in heels tripping on a grate---goes off-tune on a couple of notes, but the track is solid and getting good response.

Listen to Miss Lady Blues singing "Good Woman" on YouTube. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles For. . .

-------FEBRUARY 2023-------

1. "I Found Love"-----Jeter Jones

It's not Johnnie Taylor's gospel-drenched "I Found Love," nor Robert "The Duke" Tillman's, nor Jeff Floyd's. Yet Jeter Jones' "I Found Love" succeeds on the strength of its Hemi-engine rhythm track and Staples-like chorus. "Good loving in the morning / Good cooking in the kitchen"

Listen to Jeter Jones singing "I Found Love" on You Tube.

2. "Moving At Your Speed"-----J'Cenae feat. J-Wonn

As vocal partners J'Cenae and J-Wonn are right up there with the classic male/female duos of soul's storied past. The commercial (and crossover) potential is enormous, yet it's not cloying or sentimental.

Listen to J'Cenae & J-Wonn singing "Moving At Your Speed" on YouTube.

3. "Messy"-----King George feat. Coldrank

This tune has already launched like a missile on YouTube and other outlets and for good reason. It's got the purest KG pedigree of any single he's recorded since his introductory run of classics. See Daddy B. Nice’s Best of 2022.

Listen to King George and Coldrank singing "Messy" on YouTube.

4. "Boy You Got It"-----Stephanie McDee

"Ooh girl, look at that fine man over there with those tight jeans on," Stephanie drawls. "Girrrl...I could just sop him up with a biscuit." (I laughed out loud.) The first good cover song of the year (King George).

Listen to Stephanie McDee singing "Boy You Got It" on YouTube.

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