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Slack (New Album Alert!)

July 1, 2019:

New Album Alert!

Buy Slack's My Music My Friends: Southern Soul Compilation (Various Artists) at Amazon.


That Thang
by Volton Wright (feat. Slack)

We Come To Party
by Jeter Jones

Find Me A Lover
by Malcolm Allen

Teach You How To Love Me
by Crystal Thomas

Just Another Day
by P2K Dadiddy

Country Party
by Dj Wildman Tim (feat. Slack)

It's A Mule
by R.T. Taylor

Your Day
by Slack

All The Way Lover
by Ci Kelly

I Wanna Know
by Luziana Wil

Funky Blues
by DJ Wildman Tim

What You Looking For
by Luziana Wil (feat. Crystal Thomas)

Love Dont Live In This House
by Tha Don

Hoe To A Husband
by Summer Wolfe

Don'T Cry
by Slack (feat. Dee Shepherd)

I Never Thought
by Who Am I

Over Now
by Tony Sullivan

Gave My Heart To The Wrong Man
by Tanji Emmeni

Change Gone Come
by Franky Vocals

Daddy B. Nice notes:

Here is a sampler--reminiscent of the Beat Flippa's first I Got The Blues collection--that has bubbled up from the southern soul underground largely unnoticed. Ronald "Slack" Jefferson (producer for Jeter Jones, P2K DaDiddy and others) may or may not be the primary producer--I know he's on quite a few of the tracks--and that would account for the overall consistency of sound. Oh, my God. I just got it! Slack! Ronald "Slack" Jefferson! Slack IS producer Ronald Jefferson.

Well, you stumbled upon it here first, with your really slow Daddy B. Nice. Candidly, if you go back and read my profiles for southern soul artists through the last twenty years, you'll find I've always been more interested in conveying the joys (along with the contemporaneous farts and warts) involved in the process of discovering new musicians rather than researching them after they've become long-ago history.

I charted a song from the album last month without knowing it was from the album.

Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles For. . .

-------JUNE 2019-------

…4. "I'm What You're Looking For"----Luziana Wil featuring Crystal Thomas

This is the kind of music southern soul thrives on--from unknown sources with novel vocals (Luziana Wil)--music that embodies the obscure and scruffy character of southern soul itself. And who's the featured collaborator? Crystal Thomas, the lady I've called the present-day Thomisene Anderson for repeatedly giving just this kind of roots-real performance.

Listen to Luziana Wil & Crystal Thomas singing "I'm What You're Looking For" on YouTube.

Like plums for he picking, likeable songs are everywhere. "Just Another Day," featuring P2K, was also published in the P2K DaDiddy debut. "Teach You How To Love Me" is one of Crystal Thomas' best singles yet.

Slack may or may not know the late Katrenia Jefferson had a substantial hit with "That Thang". (They also have identical last names.) Nevertheless, Slack appears with Volton Wright on his own take of "That Thang".

Among other songs from the compilation vying for spots on Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 Southern Soul Singles for July are "Funky Blues" (featuring DJ Wildman Tim), "We Come To Party" (featuring Jeter Jones) and "Hoe To A Husband" (featuring Summer Wolfe).

And these tunes merely nick the surface of the material included in this amazing compilation.

--Daddy B. Nice


Listen to Slack's My Music, My Friends Southern Soul Compilation on Spotify.

Buy Slack's My Music, My Friends Southern Soul Compilation at Apple.

Listen to all the tracks from Slack's My Music, My Friends Southern Soul Compilation on YouTube.

Read more about Ronald "Slack" Jefferson in the Jeter Jones Artist Guide. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

--Daddy B. Nice

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