Daddy B. Nice's - Guide to Today's Top Chitlin' Circuit Rhythm and Blues Artists

Daddy B. Nice's Top 100 Songs!

Daddy B. Nice's Top 100 Southern Soul Songs

Rank Song B-Side Artist
1 "Friday" "Is Anybody Lonely?" Sir Charles Jones (The Year In Southern Soul)
2 "Hole In The Wall" "Got My Whiskey" Mel Waiters (21st Century)
3 "Boom Boom Boom" "Wiggle" Willie Clayton (New Album Alert!)
4 "Try Me" "Rehab" T. K. Soul (New Album Alert!)
5 "Bare Mouth Woman" "Night Fishin'" Bobby Rush (New Album Alert!)
6 "Let's Get Drunk" "Why Can't I Be Your Lover?" O. B. Buchana (New CD Reviw!)
7 "When Your Give A Damn Just Don't Give A Damn Any.." "Just Let Me Ride" Ms. Jody (New Album Alert! New CD Review!)
8 "Stand Up In It" "Please Let Me In" Theodis Ealey (21st Century)
9 "I've Got To Sleep With One Eye Open" "Watch What You Tell Your Friends" Shirley Brown (21st Century)
10 "Good Loving Will Make You Cry (w/ Carl Marshall)" "Sugar Shack (w/ Mz. Jackson) " Bigg Robb (New Album Alert!)
11 "Mississippi Woman" "Older Woman (Looking For A Younger Man)" Denise LaSalle 1939-2018 (An Appreciation)
12 "Soul Music" "If They Can Beat Me Rockin'" Vick Allen (New Album Alert!)
13 "Why Me?" "Your Love Is A Bad Habit" Reggie P. (21st Century)
14 "I Found Love On A Lonely Highway" "Someone's Gonna Lose A Good Woman Tonight " Jeff Floyd (21st Century)
15 "Party Till The Lights Go Out (Nothing But A Party)" "Kick It" David Brinston (21st Century)
16 "I Love Being In Love With You" "I'm 'Bout It 'Bout It (w/ Simeo)" Floyd Taylor (21st Century)
17 "Mr. Sexy Man" "If I Back It Up" Nellie "Tiger" Travis (21st Century)
18 "Impala" "Ring On Your Finger" LaMorris Williams
19 "My Sidepiece" "They Call Me Pokey (Remix) feat. Tucka" Pokey Bear (New Album Alert!)
20 "The Beauty Shop" "Baby Don't Leave Me" Omar Cunningham (21st Century)
21 "My Give A Damn Gave Out" "Around The World" Latimore (New Album Alert!)
22 "I Got This Record" "Cowgirl (feat. Big Yayo)" J-Wonn (New Album Alert!)
23 "Sweet Shop" "Don't Make Me Beg" Tucka (New 5-Star Album Review!)
24 "It Ain't A Juke Joint Without The Blues" "Seventeen Days Of Loving" Carl Sims (21st Century)
25 "Man Enough" "It Ain't That Kind Of Party" Karen Wolfe (Best Female Vocalist)
26 "Slow Roll It" "Lies (You Said It, No I Didn't)" The Love Doctor (21st Century)
27 "Good Loving Will Make You Cry" "I Lived It All" Carl Marshall (21st Century)
28 "That's The Way We Roll" "Money Can't Buy Me Love" Jackie Neal (21st Century)
29 "Still My Love" "I Promise" Wilson Meadows (New Album Alert!)
30 "Mississippi Boy" "" Will T. ("Mississippi Boy")
31 "Slow Roll It" "Lipstick On His Pants" Sheba Potts-Wright (21st Century)
32 "Who's Rockin' You?" "A Letter To My Baby" Donnie Ray (New Album Alert!)
33 "I'm Giving Up The Streets" "Take Me Back To Farish Street" Rue Davis (New Album Alert!)
34 "Mississippi Boy" "Get Down" Charles Wilson (21st Century)
35 "I Ain't Scared No More" "If She's Cheatin' On Me I Don't Wanna Know" Luther Lackey (21st Century)
36 "The Party Ain't Over ('Til I Get My Groove On)" "If The Shoe Was On The Other Foot" Kenne Wayne (21st Century)
37 "Booty Roll" "Let Me Go" Steve Perry (21st Century)
38 "From The Back" "Well Runs Dry" L. J. Echols (New Album Alert!)
39 "Can You Bagg It Up" "You Make Me Happy" Nathaniel Kimble (21st Century)
40 "Mr. Wrong's Gonna Get This Love Tonight" "Good Girls Do Bad Things" Sweet Angel
41 "Ain't Nothing Like A Big Woman" "She's Working That Nookie Thing" Big Cynthia (21st Century)
42 "All In The Family" "That's My Story (And I'm Stickin' To It)" Chairman Of The Board
43 "Scat Cat, Here Kitty, Kitty" "Every Time My Neighbor Walks His Dog" Billy "Soul" Bonds (21st Century)
44 "Can't Nobody Do Me Like You" "Cause I Love You" Lenny Williams
45 "Just Don't Understand You" "Good Man" Wendell B.
46 "" "" Divas (21st Century)
47 "Drinking Again" "Wasted" Avail Hollywood (New Album Alert!)
48 "Two Women In Love With Your Husband" "Anytime Man" Terry Wright (21st Century)
49 "One Stop Lover" "Trail Ride" Jaye Hammer (New Album Review!)
50 "Sugaa Shack" "Dance Floor" Nelson Curry (Best Male Vocalist)
51 "Hell Naw To The Naw Naw" "Some Preachers Ain't Shit" Bishop Bullwinkle (R.I.P./New Album Alert!))
52 "It's Only You (w/ Roy Roberts)" "Don't Let This Love Slip Away (w/ Roy Roberts)" Barbara Carr (21st Century)
53 "When I Step In The Club" "Monkey Talk" Stephanie McDee
54 "I'll Still Love You" "Sexy" Ricky White
55 "The Body Roll" "Live In Freak" Jim Bennett
56 "Plumber Man" "Daddy Sweet Back" James Smith
57 "Too Much Booty Shaking" "Can't Help The Way I Feel About You " Sir Jonathan Burton
58 "Because Of Me" "Party" Stevie J (Blues)
59 "I Don't Want To Know" "Everybody Knows" Tre Williams (New Album Alert!)
60 "Step Out" "Shake Something (w/ Columbus Toy & Ms. Lady Blues)" J. Red The Nephew (New 4-Star Album Review!)
61 "Booty Talking (w/ Big Yayo)" "13 Days" Dave Mack
62 "I'm Missin' You Babe" "Let's Party" Lebrado (New Album Alert!)
63 "Black Horse" "Single Footin'" Jeter Jones
64 "Never Coming Home" "Old Man, Young Man" Betty Padgett
65 "Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Jiggle, Jiggle, Jiggle" "Sit Down On It" Mr. X
66 "Cupid Shuffle" "I Fell In Love With You (At The Barbeque)" Cupid
67 "Thank You Girl" "Hot Loving" Big G (New CD Review!)
68 "I Won't Let My Baby Down (My Man)" "I'm Not The Enemy" Lina
69 "Older Woman, Younger Man" "Be A Man" Pat Cooley
70 "I Love You And Always Will" "Back In The Mood" Will Easley (Album Re-Issue Alert)
71 "She Threw A Monkey Wrench In My Game" "(They Call Me) Mr. Love" Walt Love
72 "Where U You Want Me To Put It" "Slide On" Mr. David
74 "Shake And Shimmey" "I'm Knockin'" Larome Powers
75 "Close The Door On Yesterday" "She Was Twerkin'" Lil Jimmie
76 "Party Goin' On (Up In Here)" "You Walked Out" Ghetto Cowboy
77 "I Ran A Good Man Away" "Lacee's Groove" Lacee
78 "Only Time I Get Lonely" "Run'n" Stephanie Pickett
79 "Girls In The Hood" "Two Steps Behind" Jerry L.
80 "Put Your Foot In It (w/ O. B. Buchana)" "Dirty South Steppin' " Mr. Sam
81 "One Night Stand" "Back In The Day Cafe" Andre Lee
82 "Yo Dress Is Too Short" "Across The River (I Took A Ride)" Bob Steele
83 "How Come The Dog Ain't Barking" "I'm Bout It Bout It (Remix) (w/ Floyd Taylor)" Simeo
84 "Saving My Love" "Rocking This Boat" Bobbye ("Doll") Johnson
85 "Salt In My Sugar Bowl" "Truck Driver" Earl Duke
86 "My Name Is $$$$$" "Guilty As Charged" Miz B
87 "Fool On My Hands" "He's My Man" Roni
88 "She Only Wants To See Me On Friday" "Hard Times" Mister Zay (21st Century)
89 "Good Loving Woman" "Somethin' Somethin'" Sergio Davis
90 "Cuttin' Up Sideways" "What Do The Lonely Do When The Lights Go Out" Joy
91 "A Friendly Reunion" "I'm A Man On A Mission" Willie Hill
92 "Don't Stop The Music" "Groove U Baby" Mose Stovall (New Single Alert!)
93 "Swing It" "Kiss It Good-Bye" Lomax (Chart-Climber!)
94 "The Man With The Singing Ding-A-Ling" "The Good Thing Man (Single)" Frank Lucas (New Album Alert! New #1 Single! )
95 "Falling Out" "Harry Hippie" Calvin Richardson
96 "Love Under Arrest" "Zydefunk Slide" Lil Fallay
97 "I'll Be The Other Man" "I Heard It Through The Neighborhood" Tyree Neal
98 "I'm Gone Tell Momma w/ Crystal Dylite" "Black Magic Woman" Unckle Eddie
99 "I Can Do Bad By Myself" "Let's Get A Room Somewhere (feat. Millie Jackson)" Jesse James
100 "Holding On (The Love That Keeps Us Holding On)" "The Chance Of A Lifetime" Katrenia Jefferson (Retrospective)


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