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"It's Gone Cost You"

Miss Portia (New Album Alert!)

January 1, 2021:


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1. Game Of Chase (feat. David J)

2. It's Gone Cost You (DJ Idol NOLA Mix)

3. For My Ladies (feat. Cupid)

4. My Life Is Imperfect (feat. The Real Miss Palmer)

5. Reset Button

6. Wanna Come Back

7. Shouldn't Have To Tell You

8. Shaking In My Boots

Daddy B. Nice notes:

I smiled reading the title of Miss Portia's second album, MY LIFE IS IMPERFECT. Whose life isn't? To even strive for perfection in one's personal life is a Don Quixote-like quest, doomed to failure on life's real stage and self-delusion in one's interior life. Miss Portia seems to realize this when she sings, "Sometimes the worst place to be/Is in your own head." Then there is Portia's unconventional title note to the song---"featuring the Real Miss Palmer"---which mimics Cupid's (a frequent collaborator) use of the title "The Real Cupid" and embeds Portia's real name (Palmer) as if to underline the fact the lyrics are more personal (or "real") than her typical songs.

But how can that be? I believe it's really a clue to what makes Miss Portia tick: a restless and confrontational predisposition that runs through all of her music---"It's Gone Cost You," "It Ain't Gone Work," "You Chose The Wrong Chick," etc. In fact, Miss Portia's music gets its identity and power from that perpetual personal agitation.

For instance, "It's Gone Cost You," which is given a DJ Idol NOLA remix on MY LIFE IS IMPERFECT, with Portia's vocal buried in an instrumental track dominated by percussion. If you're already familiar with the vocal and lyrics, you'll most likely love the emphasis on the rhythm track.

"Game Of Chase," a 2020 single release with David J, is the most high-profile of the tracks on MY LIFE IS IMPERFECT, with its couplet: "Sometimes I say no/When I really mean yes." The album also includes a previously-recorded duet with Cupid, "For My Ladies," which Daddy B Nice charted in March of 2019. Another previously-released single, "Reset Button" balances lyrics detailing financial woes with a bubbly, button-accordion, zydeco accompaniment. Rounding out this succinct 8-track set are two new songs with inventive instrumental tracks (especially drums), "Shouldn't Have To Tell You" and "Shaking In My Boots".

Listen to all the tracks from Miss Portia's new MY LIFE IS IMPERFECT album on YouTube.

Listen to Miss Portia's new MY LIFE IS IMPERFECT album on Spotify.

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December 29, 2017:

Originally Posted in Daddy B. Nice's New CD Reviews.


POKEY BEAR: Bear Season (Ross Music Group) Five Stars ***** Can't Miss. Pure Southern Soul Heaven.

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Trailride Music Vol. 1 (Music Access) Four Stars **** Distinguished Effort. Should please old fans and gain new.

MISS PORTIA: All In My Feelings (Ross Music Group) Three Stars *** Solid Debut By A New Southern Soul Artist.

...Apologies to Miss Portia for reviewing her with two such high-profile albums. As a new artist, her three-star debut ALL IN MY FEELINGS is the equivalent of a 4 or 5-star rating for headliners like Big Pokey Bear or a sampler like Trailride Music Volume 1. But more than year-end expediency binds these three albums together. Pokey Bear and Miss Portia appear frequently in all three discs, as does wunderkind Louisiana producer Beat Flippa, who produced the majority of the tracks from all three.

Miss Portia broke into southern soul music in 2014 on the Louisiana Blues Brotha's breakthrough album...

Love On The Bayou, accompanying Tyree Neal on "I'm Still Wearing Your Name." A year later, Portia's visibility took a big step forward with fellow newcomer Veronica Ra'elle (accompanied by veteran diva Lacee) on the popular "answer" song to Pokey Bear's southern-soul-earth-shifting "My Sidepiece". The song: "My Sidepiece Reply".

Since then Miss Portia, the performing name of Portia Palmer, has been busy recording singles, making videos and touring. With the backing of producer Beat Flippa, her debut album ALL IN MY FEELINGS has a clarity and depth unusual for a first effort. Flippa's instrumental tracks--hiphop-crisp rhythm sections, deep-soul organ at times, sparkling acoustic-guitar runs at others-- flesh out bare-bones melodies in tunes powerfully sung by Portia:

Listen to Miss Portia singing "Use What I Got" on YouTube.

Listen to Miss Portia and Pokey Bear singing "It's Gon' Cost You" on YouTube.

In both these no-nonsense declarations Miss Portia transforms little more than chants into bonafide musical vehicles through the sheer passion in her singing. Portia--in English literature the romantic heroine of Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice"--makes no bones about being the street-wise woman who can deal with the "playa" types. Nevertheless, a duet with Ra'Shad (The Blues Kid), "You're All That I Need," revels in unlikely romance (and also delights in a full-fledged melody). But that track is the exception. More characteristic is the duet with Pokey Bear, "It Ain't Go Work"--also featured on Pokey's Bear Season--in which Miss Portia answers two wailing verses of Pokey Bear's marital discontent with an even more impressive verse of her own to close out the tune. Her vocal radiates authenticity and grit, and in this particular instance she "steals the show"

Miss Portia harks back to the great girl groups of the sixties, singers like Darlene Love on hits like "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "He's A Rebel". And you could look no further than Love's "Today I Met The Boy I'm Going To Marry" for a precursor to the marvelously-sung, gospel-drenched title cut, "All In My Feelings".

Listen to all of the tracks from Miss Portia's ALL IN MY FEELINGS on YouTube.

Buy Miss Portia's ALL IN MY FEELINGS CD at iTunes.

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--Daddy B. Nice



Miss Portia on YouTube

Listen to Miss Portia, Lacee & Veronica Ra'elle singing "My Sidepiece Reply" on YouTube.

Listen to Miss Portia singing "Use What I Got" on YouTube.

Listen to Miss Portia singing "It's Gon' Cost You" on YouTube.

Listen to Miss Portia singing "You Chose The Wrong Chick" on YouTube.

Listen to Miss Portia, Veronica Ra'elle and Rosalyn Candy singing "You Can't Handle This" on YouTube.

Listen to Miss Portia and Ra'Shad The Blues Kid singing "You're All That I Need" on YouTube.

2. Re-Posted from Daddy B. Nice's Mailbag 2017:

Thank You Letters

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!

Daddy B. Nice,

Oh My Goodness!!!!! The review you gave me left me in tears!!!! This is truly the blessing I did not see coming. Along with winning Best New Artist at the ABT Awards Show. There I had the pleasure of honoring Big Cynthia in her Tribute!!! This year has been full of surprises that has me on the edge of my seat for 2018. Here are two birthday shows I can't wait to cut up for and I am shooting my video for my upcoming single trust me it is going to have the dance floor packed. You know I can't wait to send it over. Anywho thank you once again and keep up the positive work!!! It it is definitely making a difference to me!!!!

Miss Portia

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Honorary "B" Side

"You're All That I Need feat. Ra'Shad"

4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 
Sample or Buy It's Gone Cost You by Miss  Portia (New Album Alert!)
It's Gone Cost You

CD: All In My Feelings
Label: Ross Music Group

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All In My Feelings

4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 
Sample or Buy You're All That I Need feat. Ra'Shad by Miss  Portia (New Album Alert!)
You're All That I Need feat. Ra'Shad

CD: All In My Feelings
Label: Ross Music Group

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All In My Feelings

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