Corey Rudolph (R.I.P.)

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"Wanna Be A Player"

Corey Rudolph (R.I.P.)

December 1, 2019:

Corey Rudolph (R.I.P.)

Dylann DeAnna of CDS Records reports that young recording artist Corey Rudolph has died. The notice reads:

We are stunned, deeply saddened and shocked to learn of the passing of Mr. Corey Rudolph. He was a humble, friendly, spiritual and very talented young man. Prayers for his family. GONE WAY TOO SOON.

We feel uniquely honored to have released his two albums onto the world. He was one of our favorite people to have had the privilege to work with. :(

Daddy B. Nice notes:

Corey Rudolph Obituary & Funeral Notice

Mr. Corey Alexander Rudolph, age 31, a resident of Prattville, Alabama, passed away Saturday, November 30, 2019. Funeral service will be held Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 2 pm at Central High School Gym, Hayneville, Alabama, with Rev. Franklin Nettles, Pastor, officiating. Burial to follow at Bougahoma Cemetery.

Share memories at Davis Funeral Home. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

Daddy B. Nice notes:

A former urban r&b artist in the process of transitioning into a southern soul singer, Corey Rudolph was best-known for his frenetic and hard-hitting southern soul single, "(So You) Wanna Be A Player".

As more information becomes available, it will be posted in this space. For more details on the artist's career, scroll down. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

December 16, 2018:

New Album Alert! New Artist Guide!

Buy Corey Rudolph's new SOUTHERN SOUL MUSIC album at iTunes .


1 Southern Soul Music

2 Wanna Be a Player

3 Sexy Body

4 There She Go

5 Family Reunion

6 Crying

7 Just Take My Hand

8 Go Party Go

9 In the Morning (featuring Little Kim Stewart)

10 Full Time Lover

11 Mama I Love You

12 That's Why I Praise Him

Daddy B. Nice notes:

Don't be fooled by the "Southern Soul Music" title. Rudolph's vocals are rooted in urban r&b, smooth and polished, and while they excel from the technique-oriented, urban viewpoint, they lack the instantly identifiable personality--what we think of as "the voice"--necessary and unique to good southern soul singers. Rudolph references Z.Z. Hill and other southern soul singers in his lyrics, but his vocals belie the connection. Most of his tunes labor in a grey area more familiar to fans of neo-soul in the North. Traditional blues and southern soul fans will not find much to relate to.

However, Rudolph is endeavoring to transition into a southern soul singer, at least on the face of it, and at least for the time being, as songs like the overly-derivative "Family Reunion" attest. "Wanna Be A Player" is Corey's best southern soul song to date, musical and driving, full of pent-up energy and the makings of a signature vocal identity. Here's what I had to say about "Wanna Be A Player" in September:


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles Preview For. . .

-------SEPTEMBER 2018-------

...7. "So You Wanna Be A Player"----Corey Rudolph

Corey Rudolph is the same, crooning R&B'er Koree' Rudolph who recorded "All I Want". This one's much different--southern soul with a ferocious edge.

Listen to a 1-minute sample of "So You Wanna Be A Player" on YouTube.

Listen to Corey Rudolph singing "Wanna Be A Player" on YouTube.

Listen to Corey Rudolph singing "Family Reunion" on YouTube.

Listen to Corey Rudolph and Little Kim Stewart singing "In The Morning" on YouTube.

Buy Corey Rudolph's new SOUTHERN SOUL MUSIC album at Amazon.

Buy Corey Rudolph's new SOUTHERN SOUL MUSIC album at iTunes .

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--Daddy B. Nice

Honorary "B" Side

"Family Reunion"

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Wanna Be A Player

CD: Southern Soul Music
Label: CDS

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Southern Soul Music

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Sample or Buy Family Reunion by Corey Rudolph (R.I.P.)
Family Reunion

CD: Southern Soul Music
Label: CDS

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Southern Soul Music

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